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Top Ten Reasons You Need HR Goddess:

   1. Is your company “too small” for a full-time human resources professional, but getting too big to handle it all on your own? 

   2. Are employee-relations issues getting in the way of you selling your products and services?

3. Do traditional HR people you meet evoke a yawn or an eye-roll from you? 

4. Are you worried your company may be out of compliance? 

5. Is your handbook so old that it should be on display in the Smithsonian? 

6. Did you give up a golf game to go fight an unemployment claim , only to lose anyway? 

7. Did you spend way too  much money on traditional recruiters to fill positions? 

8. Do you cry every time the word "benefits" or "compensation" is brought up? 

9. Did you just lose your best employee to a “bigger and better” company? 

10. Do you know you need a professional, but just can’t afford the "spend" at this time?  

Top Ten Reasons Why I am the HR Goddess:

1. Approachable and fun!

2. HRCI and SHRM Certified 

3. My creative and business background  allows me to approach a situation with a unique perspective. 

4. I can move from strategic to tactical as required. 

5. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves. 

6. I created and/or repaired HR departments my whole career. 

7. I can coach staff-level employees up to senior management. Master's in Org. Leadership.

8. I can make your business compliant without you doing all the paperwork. 

9. I am available for short-term projects, long-term assignments and quick tune ups.

 10. Available for emergencies!    

OK, so here is my Bio:

  I have over 25 years of professional experience in Human Resources for several industries including medical media, local government, environmental, academia, and manufacturing. Held senior leadership roles in Human Resources. Background includes employee recruitment & retention, benefits, compensation, payroll, employee relations, training, professional development, policies & procedures, and external and internal communications, marketing and office/building management.  Sample accomplishments from my last corporate role as a VP of HR include: revitalized the performance review process, developed a competitive compensation program, implemented the tuition reimbursement program and professionally developed  individuals targeted for new roles in the organization. I also write and conduct training including Generations in the Workplace, Interviewing Techniques, Email Etiquette, Table Manners (Outside Sales), Coaching, Discipline and Safety. I utilize Everything DiSC for recruitment, training and coaching. I hold my professional certifications; PHR, and SHRM-CP certification as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and a Master’s Degree in Organization Leadership. I am also the President of a local SHRM HR chapter where I have been a member for many years. Away from work, I enjoy performing on occasion, as well as spending time at the Jersey shore with friends and family. 

Work life balance is a myth. 

Let’s teach work life management instead!  


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